. . . And More Photos!

The pictures on this page are, for the most part, borrowed from various Viking yearbooks although a few are from private archives, most notably the Sylvia Ramirez Rivas (Class of 1970) Collection.  As always, be sure to click on the thumbnail photo to see the full-size version.  See if you can figure out who all these people are.  No fair cheating by looking them up in your annual!

Class of '75 Sophomore Officers in 1973 Block K 1966-67 Class of '72 Senior Officers in 1972
Pep Squad 1967-68 on KHS Front Steps KHS Main Entrance 1963 School Photographer Phill Winters 1965-66
Cliff Hamada 1973 Demolition Autumn 1972 of South Tower Lions Babe Ruth League Team 1960
GAA 1971-72 Homecoming Court 1971-72 Frosh Football 1965 Season
Sadie Hawkins' Day 1966 Basketball Rooting Section 1972-73 Season 1964 Viking Frontispiece (Terry Hillblom & Karen Ostrom?)
Class of '74 Junior Officers in 1973 KHS Quad Fall 1965 Class of '76 Freshman Officers in 1973
Sandy Rouch 1969 Razing of South Wing 1972 Tennis Team 1967 Season
Viking Staff 1971-72 Pom Pon Squad 1967-68 Mr. Sam Crandell's World History Class 1963-64
Pep Squad 1969-70 Mr. Lowell Draper 1963-64 Drama Coach Football Line-up 10-3-69
Happiest Millionaire March 1967 Keith Tootle & Patti Gruenwald in 1962 snow Prom Announcement 1967

More Photos

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