If you have an inquiry about the KHS Reunion 2000 or 2005 or about the next Reunion, please submit that question.  The steering committee will attempt to answer any question you may have here on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.  Submit your questions to your class's representative (found on "Contacts" page).  No names will be used on this page.  If you have a query you prefer to have answered directly, please send that question to your class's representative or to any committee person, either by e-mail, telephone, fax, or USPS mail and we will respond forthwith.  

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  • Question:  Any updates on another possible multi-class Reunion?

  • Answer:  Finally, in late 2015, it looks like the KHS Class of '64 is generating some interest in a 1960-69 multi-class reunion.  For information, check out their Facebook page.

  • Question:  Any activity regarding another KHS Reunion?

  • Answer:  Interestingly, as of the summer of 2011, it looks like there is a groundswell of support to do another.  Check back here to see what is happening or go to Facebook and follow the fun at "You know you're from Kingsburg when . . . ."

  • Question:  I remember an old Swedish cheer about Kingsburg High.  Do you know where I might find the words?

  • Answer:  You can download and print a copy right here.  This cheer was written by Florence Larson Schaffer from the first KHS graduating class.  The yell is probably most closely associated with Mr. Harold Renfrow, the principal of Roosevelt School.

  • Question:  What happened to the guestbook?

  • Answer:  Unfortunately, daily we were swamped with dozens of pornographic posts to the guestbook.  As much as Vikings seemed to enjoy having a place to exchange greetings, it became impossible to have both an open guestbook and a family-friendly one at the same time.  We are investigating a secure guest registry that will allow you to sign in once again while keeping the riff-raff out.  We hope to resume this popular page again very soon.  Thank you for your patience.

  • Question:  What's happening as far as another Reunion is concerned?

  • Answer:  As you can see on the "Other Reunions" page, a number of classes are having their own reunions.  However, that does not mean that there won't be another multi-class Reunion sometime in the not-too-distant future.  And it's entirely possible that this next one will be even larger (!) than the last two.

  • Question:  Great googly moogly!  Time has slipped by so fast and I really want to go this Reunion.  Can I still send in my reservation?

  • Answer:  You are in luck!  Since people are so busy and time has a way of getting away from us, you have until noon on Monday, June 13 to get your paid reservations in to your class representative.  The caterer must be given a final count at that time so they can prepare enough food for all the hungry Vikings.  So, there's still time, but don't wait a moment longer.  If you snooze, you lose!

  • Question:  Are we going to have assigned seating for the dinner at the Reunion?  My spouse graduated from KHS in a different class from mine and we'd like to sit together.

  • Answer:    It will be open seating . . . you may sit wherever and with whomever you choose.  Remember, this is a multi-class Reunion and we are just one big happy Viking family!

  • Question:  I'm really getting jazzed up about the big Reunion.  Can you tell me how many people have signed up so far and from what classes are they?

  • Answer:  We sure can do that.  Just click on the button below and you'll be able to view how many people, listed by class, are going.  Now that the invitations are mailed, you should see a steady increase in numbers, almost on a daily basis.  Make sure you are among those counted by returning your paid reservation and RSVP card as soon as possible.  We believe that the Reunion is going to be huge!

  • Question:  I heard that the invitation to the 2005 Reunion is truly outstanding.  Is there any way I can see one?

  • Answer:    As always, we can find a way.  And we agree that both the front insignia and the text script are extremely classy (in keeping with the theme of the Reunion!)  Just click the above links to download Adobe PDF files of them.

  • Question:  I recently heard that there was an article about the Reunion in The Kingsburg Recorder.  I live out of town and don't get the paper . . . could you reprint the article?

  • Answer:  We would be delighted to have you read the March 23, 2005 article from The Recorder.  Just click here to download the article in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).   You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print it; just click on the Adobe logo below to download your free copy of this useful program (if you don't already have it).

  • Question:  What does the Reunion activities schedule look like?

  • Answer:  The logistics for the night of June 18 are taking shape.  Tentatively, it looks like the doors to the Convention Center Exhibit Hall will open at 4:45 PM when the Reunion packets for each individual class will be available.  Beginning at 5:00, a no-host cocktail reception will be held in the foyer for all guests.  Promptly at 7:00, dinner will be served.  This sit-down dinner will feature a double entree of beef and chicken, coffee, and dessert.  Following dinner, dancing and socializing will continue until 12:30 A.M.  As you can see, there will be more than seven hours to enjoy that Viking Spirit once again!

  • Question:  I can't wait for the Reunion!  How do I make a reservation for a discounted room at the Comfort Suites in Visalia?

  • Answer:  Great question!  First, you will need to call the Visalia Comfort Suites local telephone number (559) 738-1700, rather than their '800' number, and tell them you are part of the "Kingsburg Class Reunion."  You should then get the $72.00+tax rate for one of the 50 blocked rooms for Saturday night.  They have also saved 12 rooms for Friday night too at the same rate.  Early indications are that the hotel has already taken several Reunion reservations . . . you'd better hurry.  Also, the Radisson Hotel at (559) 636-1111 has accommodations as well.  Both of these fine lodging establishments are within walking distance of the Convention Center.

  • Question:  The Visalia Convention Center looks like a great location for the Reunion.  I have never been there . . . how do I get there?

  • Answer:  You are quite right, the Convention Center will be an outstanding location for R2K5.  Just  enter your location information in the blanks on the form below, select whether you want the fastest or shortest route, hit the "go" button, and then follow the directions to get there.  Hope this helps.

Calculate route
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Visalia Convention Center
303 E. Acequia Avenue
93291 Visalia (US)

  • Question:  I am getting really excited about the 2005 Reunion.  Can you tell me what the dress code is going to be?

  • Answer:  It's great to hear that you're getting excited . . . it isn't too far away now!  As far as the mode of dress is concerned, the best advice to follow is the same as they used to say in the daily bulletin when announcing the after-game dances:  "Dress is casual, but sharp."  Hope that clarifies things.

  • Question:  I'd love to see some of my "old" teachers.  Are former faculty members going to be invited?

  • Answer:    Absolutely!  The search is on to find as many KHS faculty members from the 60s and 70s as possible.  If you know any KHS teachers from that era, be sure that they know about the Reunion and also let the Reunion Committee know about them so they can be contacted.

  • Question:  I just received my Reunion 2005 flyer.  What should I do with the enclosed postage-paid information card?  Do I need to return if you already know how to find me?

  • Answer:  Glad to hear the mailing found you . . . you're not lost!  You should fill in the card with all the requested information so your class knows your current address, phone number, e-mail, etc. and return it as soon as possible whether you plan to join us for Reunion 2005 or not.  Of particular importance is listing a contact person.  This is someone (like a brother or sister) who will probably know your whereabouts when the NEXT Reunion rolls around in case you move, change phone numbers or Internet provider, or have a change of name.  We want to be able to find you and this contact gives your class a good trail to follow.  The card is not a reservation . . . it is only for informational purposes.

  • Question:  The KHS Reunion 2005 sounds like a very classy event.  Do you have any idea how much tickets are going to be so that I can budget for the event?

  • Answer:  The Reunion is indeed going to be a very nice evening!  Tickets are priced at $48 per person.  This amount covers the cost of hors d'oeuvres, the elegant sit-down dinner, desserts, the beautiful Visalia venue, music, decorations, printing and postage, this Web site, and a bit left over to serve as seed money for the NEXT Reunion.  We hope you agree that this is a very reasonable amount for such a wonderful event.  Tons of memories are being thrown in for free!

  • Question:  Having the 2005 Reunion at the Visalia Convention Center is a great idea.  What can you tell me about the Exhibit Hall?

  • Answer:  We agree that the VCC Exhibit Hall will be an outstanding site for our Reunion.  The best way I can tell you about the venue is to send you to their very nice Web site.  Check out the Visalia Convention Center Web site by clicking here.

  • Question:  I graduated from KHS in the Class of 1977.  Could my class participate?

  • Question:  I graduated from KHS in the Class of 1978.  Could my class participate?

  • Question:  I graduated from KHS in the Class of 1962.  Could my class participate?

  • Answers:  Absolutely!  The Visalia Convention Center Exhibit Hall is large enough to accommodate your classes.  Your first step should be to contact the Reunion Chairperson to voice your intentions.  Then, start spreading the word and getting your mailing lists in order.  Please note that there may be a slight bias toward the older classes when it comes to music.  The music of the 60s is far superior to that of the 70s.  (How's that for a provocative statement?)

  • Question:  I notice that the classes of 1964 and 1965 aren't involved in the 2005 Reunion.  What gives?

  • Answer:  Both classes opted out this time around since the Class of '64 celebrated their 40th reunion in 2004 and the Class of '65 is going to have a 40th reunion for just their class in 2005.  Of course, any members of those classes who want to attend the multi-class Reunion in Visalia are more than welcome to do so even if their classes aren't "officially" involved.  This just in . . . both '64 and '65 are back in the pack.  They are going to be an official part of the big Reunion as well as have their own reunions--a doubleheader!

  • Question:  That's great news about the 2005 Reunion being held in Visalia.  Do you know yet what kind of music will be played?

  • Answer:  Music was such a big part of the 60s and 70s that the Committee put a high priority on finding a good source of tunes.  Already booked is a well-known Central Valley DJ, Greg Mancini of Mancini Entertainment and Productions from Visalia.  And we guarantee that he will play "Louie, Louie"

  • Question:  When and where will the 2005 Reunion be held?

  • Answer:  The next multi-class Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2005.  As of this writing, we don't have a location pinned down (it's a little bit difficult to find a place that can accommodate more than 1,000 Vikings) within a reasonable radius of Kingsburg.  This just in:  The Reunion will be at the Visalia Convention Center Exhibit Hall.  Stay in touch with your class's representatives (or the 2005 Reunion Chairperson) so that you can be kept apprised of the unfolding details as well as checking this Web site often for updates.  One thing is certain . . . it will be a blast!  Be sure to circle this date on your calendar now so you won't miss this event.

  • Question:  I'm really getting excited about the next Reunion.  What can you tell me about plans being made and what can I do to help?

  • Answer:  Glad to hear you want to help.  Right now, it looks like the prevailing thought is that the next multi-class Reunion will be held sometime in 2005.  No definitive plans have been made as to the exact date or location, but those details should be nailed down soon.  Those plans will be posted here just as soon as they are confirmed.  The best way for you to help at this time is to contact your class representative (listed on the Contacts page) and let them know where you can be reached and of your interest in being a part of this fun event.  Also, be sure to let them, or the Reunion Chairperson, know of your thoughts on when and where you'd like it to be held.  We want as many Vikings as possible to be able to attend (surpassing the 901 who were at the 2000 Reunion), so we want a time and place that is convenient and conducive to a large attendance.  Again, thanks for your interest; the 2005 Reunion is going to be outstanding!

  • Question:  Is the Class of 1973 going to have a reunion in 2003?

  • Answer:  Like every other class that participated in the multi-class Reunion in May 2000, the Class of 1973 has opted to NOT have a 30th reunion and will wait until 2005 to join with the other twelve classes in the next BIG Reunion.  Any classmates (and this is true for any class's members) should keep their representatives notified of their whereabouts (address, telephone, e-mail, etc.)  And be sure to check this Web site for the latest news on the next Reunion.

  • Question:  Our KHS class is having a reunion soon.  Is there any way to have this Web site post our information?

  • Answer:  Easy enough to do!  Just click on the link at the bottom of any page ("Other Reunions") or just click right here!  We hope you have a great reunion and as much fun as we had on May 20, 2000.

  • Question:  I graduated from KHS in 19XX.  Why isn't my class included in the multi-class reunion?

  • Answer:  When the original Reunion was planned for May 2000, the host class of 1970 chose to invite the classes surrounding theirs in order to have sufficient numbers (at least 500) to allow them to access the Chaffee Zoological Gardens.  To keep the numbers somewhat manageable as well as having  a fairly homogeneous group, the years 1965 through 1975 were selected.  Later, the classes of 1964 and 1976 joined in.  Obviously, there had to be some arbitrary line of demarcation; that is, some classes would be included and some excluded.  However, it should be noted that any KHS graduates were welcome to attend, even if their class was not an "official" part of the Reunion.  In fact, there were Vikings from the 1940s through the 1980s attending.  If it were to become a Reunion for every class that had ever graduated from Kingsburg High, the numbers would be astronomical.  (As it was, the 2000 Reunion of 13 classes had over 900 people attending!)  The logistics of accommodating such an large group would be monumental.  What venue could hold a group of that size?  How could you feed so many people in a reasonable amount of time?  Also, the common threads uniting these classes would become tenuous at best if you had people, for example, who had graduated sixty years ago mingling with people who had graduated last year (Generation Gap?)  What music would the band play?  Guy Lombardo or Kid Rock?  Again, no one should feel excluded since all are welcome.  But the committee feels there must be some structure to who is officially participating.  Please note that the Reunion 2005 has "pushed the envelope" to include the classes of 1960 through 1963 as well as 1964 through 1976.

  • Question:  What are people saying they want at the next reunion?

  • Answer:  Although oversimplified, a trend seems to be developing that indicates most respondents would like to have another Reunion, in the year 2005, possibly at Wolf Lakes near Clovis, and have pretty much the same food/entertainment/structure as the first multi-class get-together.  Some of the changes requested or suggested include better lighting, longer hours, more classes, and cooler temperatures.  So far, everything seems to be "do-able" (including the weather . . . Reunion 2005 is going to be inside the air-conditioned Visalia Convention Center Exhibit Hall!)

  • Question:  I have some ideas for the next reunion that I'd like to share with the Committee.  To whom should I send my comments?

  • Answer:  We'd love to get your thoughts!  You may contact any of the persons listed on the "Contacts" page, write to the post-office box listed, or (the easiest way) send an e-mail to the Reunion Coordinator of Classes who will direct your suggestions to the proper authorities.  Thanks for your help.

  • Question:  I only see class photos from five classes taken at the zoo.  Where are the others?

  • Answer:  The classes you see were the only ones who chose to have class portraits taken that evening.  At the next (!) Reunion, we hope every class will come together for full-class photos.

  • Question:  Is there any action to report on plans for the next Reunion?

  • Answer:  The KHS Reunion 2000 of May 20 is still "the talk of the town," but preliminary informal discussions are being held and fact-finding inquiries are being made regarding a future gathering of Vikings.  While no definitive plans have been solidified, it is clear that another reunion will be held some time in the not-too-distant future.  If you have suggestions or requests for the next conclave, be sure to share them with the Committee or with your class representatives.  We want the next reunion to be even bigger and better than the last one (if that's possible!)

  • Question:  The Reunion in May 2000 was so much fun and I'd sure like to help with the next one!  How do I volunteer?

  • Answer:  In advance, thank you for the compliment and for your willingness to help.  The best thing you can do at this point is to keep tuned to this Web site for details concerning preparations for the next one.  And I can also tell you that "working" on the event was almost as much fun as the Reunion itself.

  • Question:  I took some photos at the Reunion.  Would you be interested in them for the Web site?

  • Answer:  As they say in Swedish, "Yah, sure, you betcha!"  Everyone sees things from a different perspective so photos from many sources will give a more-complete picture of the Reunion.  If they are digitized, you can e-mail them to this site's address or U.S. Post Office mail copies of prints to me or to the Reunion Committee's P.O. Box address.  However you get them here, we'd love to help you share them with your fellow Vikings.

  • Question:  Would it be possible to look again at the guest book from before the Reunion so that I can find email addresses?

  • Answer:  Your wish is our command.  Click here and you'll go directly to the pre-Reunion Guest Book.  Hope you find everything you're looking for!

  • Question:  How long will this Web site be up and running?

  • Answer:  The Reunion Committee has funded the site through November 2001.  It will be here at least until then (and possibly well beyond then).  NEWS FLASH!!  The KHS Reunion Web site has just been underwritten through November 2005!  You'll be able to get all your KHS Reunion news right here.

  • Question:  Was the Reunion the coolest thing ever to happen to KHS?

  • Answer:  There is no question about that! (Assuming you don't mean the weather that night)

  • Question:  How many people were at the KHS Reunion 2000?
  • Answer:   If you'd like to see how the count came out, click the button below to get a class-by-class tally in tabular form. 


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